Academic Affairs

Academic Curricula

The School’s curricula was designed to meet the needs and requirements of its outstanding and gifted students, and to challenge their abilities. The plan for curriculum development includes a detailed description of the framework of the curriculum and its components, an identification of the basic components of each teaching unit, notwithstanding the subject being studied or taught, along with the implementation of differentiation strategies. The plan involves the following:

Assessment and Grading System

Evaluating students’ performance is an important component of Jubilee’s Learning Program, and is aimed at encouraging student progress, academic achievement, and a healthy spirit of competition among them. Grading for all students uses A, B, C,

A+ = 96-100%, A = 90-95%, B+ = 86-89%, B = 80-85%, C+ = 76-79%, C = 70=75%, D+ = 66-69%, D = 60-65%, E+ = 56-59%, E = 50-55% and F = 50%.
The student’s percentile is also added to these ratings in comparison with the grades of other students in the course. Moreover, the students’ academic performance is reviewed periodically by their teachers, and reports are sent to the parents - every midterm and at the end of term. Should a student’s performance slip, the case is sent to the Counseling department, and then the parents are informed. At the end of the academic year, the School evaluates each student and reiterates its insistence on maintaining a high performance. If any student finds it difficult to fulfill the School’s requirements, the parents are requested to move their child to another school. Academic Guidance

At the start of every academic year, each student personally selects an academic advisor from among the teaching staff. Advisors meet with their students regularly during the academic year and help them where needed, and review their academic records and ongoing performance and projects etc… Advisors are also responsible for writing performance reports about their students, and recommendations for universities if needed. The School encourages its students to build strong relations with their advisors and seek their help and advice regarding concerns or unclear issues or any difficulties they may encounter.

Graduation Requirements