School Student Initiatives and Activities - Arab level

National Robotics Competition

Annually, Jubilee participates in the National Robotics Competition and the Open Arab Robotics Championshipthat The Jubilee Center for Excellence organizes every year. The FirstLegoLeague (FLL) robotics competition is one of the world’s largest scientific and technological events worldwide. It aims at enhancing students’ mental and scientific perspectives, challenging them with problems that require solutions, and improving their ability to work within a team, as well as connecting these participating school teams with industry officials, and various models of technologies in the world. Topics for the challenges chosen by the organizing committee change every year, and are associated with a global problem or issue which the teams are asked to find solutions for. They are also required to perform specific tasks, using their self-designed and programmed robot, within a set amount of time. The winners of the competition qualify to represent Jordan in the World Championship held in the USA every Spring. One of our School teams achieved 2nd place in the Sumo Wrestling competition.


This is an annual competition that the Computer Department organizes for students in Jordan and the Arab World, with the view to enrich the electronic Arabic content on the internet, and to develop student ingenuity and innovativeness in website, poster design and Animation video.