Jubilee’s Distinctive Features

A Unique ExperienceThe School focuses closely on such elements as the teacher, the curriculum, the classroom and the school environment, which it places at the top of its priorities. All of these play a pivotal role in the field of educating outstanding and gifted students.

Student DiversityThe School is committed to varied objective criteria in accepting its students, regardless of their social, economic, or geographic backgrounds.

Innovative Trend in Teaching The classroom climate is distinguished by free thought, openness and safety for the learner. Teaching is a student-centered and not a teacher-centered activity, which encourages and supports creativity, thinking, and the ability to discuss, analyze and exchange ideas and opinions among the students.

Life-Learning Environment

The School environment boosts activity and movement as it favors and stresses extra and co-curricular activities. The School believes that this is more conducive to influencing students’ personalities, their personal and cognitive growth, through direct interaction with their internal and external communities

Democratic Learning Environment Jubilee has attained its highest achievement by implementing the democratic process in teaching, providing the necessary conditions for the democratic climate within the classroom and the school to prevail. This was done by consolidating the principles of mutual respect, sharing, understanding, openness to others’ ideas and attitudes, and the importance of diversity and variance as a requisite for success since they constitute the basis for the strength and enrichment of the School’s social fabric.

Understanding the Self and the Other The School strives to help the student understand himself or herself, study his or her own personality, experiences and problems, as well as getting to know others.

Learning Thinking and Problem SolvingThe educational system at Jubilee is relying more and more on teaching students to think – i.e. on thinking skills. The School has developed various strategies to assess student achievement; these include research work, projects, questions, tests, open homework and tasks that are connected to life and practical living, and which require higher cognitive skills to be solved.

Bolstering Feelings of Belonging and Social Responsibility The School encourages voluntary work and serving the community and the local environment, with the view of boosting the spirit of belonging, of citizenship and of social responsibility.

Developing Leadership and Communication SkillsJubilee pays special attention to initiatives for developing electronic education and unleashing students’ minds to soar and innovate in their quest to open up to the world, to its great challenges and its future. The School has grown into an advanced model in this field, both locally and regionally.

Learning Continuity outside the ClassroomThe School provides its students with unique learning experiences outside the framework of the classroom. This is done through organizing seminars, research groups, lectures and talks, studies, field work, and many other such events.