Educational Program

The School offers a comprehensive educational program that aims to promote and develop the potential and capabilities of students in the sciences, mathematics, and technology in particular, as well as languages, humanities, social studies, the arts and athletics. Focus is on fostering the leadership personality and the skills of innovation and distinction. Our educational program encompasses both the instructional domain and the leadership programs and activities.

Teaching Program – Academic EnrichmentThe School develops and enriches the curricula according to the particular needs of outstanding and gifted students through differentiation. This is the process of introducing significant amendments to the basic curriculum, its objectives, content, strategies, activities and products, as well as the teaching climate, whereby they become implementable and can be incorporated into teaching units with high specifications, compatible with all instructional material.

Differentiation is at two levels: The first involves the differentiated curricula pertaining to the outstanding and gifted students themselves – both in quality and quantity – as expert opinion recommends. The second is differentiation in the curricula taught to the students themselves, that takes into account the sometimes enormous individual differences among them.
A general framework has been adopted over three years of schooling, whereby differentiation embraces three levels:

Proficiency learning level, which focuses on providing students with the mastery of concepts, facts, rules, terminology, classifications, generalizations, methods and principles contained in the Education Ministry curriculum.
Advanced learning level, which focuses on complex cognitive processes such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation, and the ability to deal with data and facts (givens), assumptions, strategies, problems, texts, and literary, scientific and artistic works, all structured on the general curricula but quite advanced in level.
Innovative/Creative learning level, which caters to the development of individual creative skills and initiatives, through affording students the opportunities to shoulder the responsibility of their own learning under the supervision and guidance of their teachers.
To be able to further implement differentiation at Jubilee, the school has supplemented the basic, compulsory curriculum with elective courses as follows:
Compulsory courses include the prescribed curriculum – whether by the Education Ministry or the IGCSE – with enrichment.
Elective courses include a wide array of over seventy advanced academic subjects in science, math, technology and the humanities... The student chooses two subjects per semester in accordance with his or her interests and preferences.

Leadership Activities and Programs

In line with its philosophy, which believes that the democratic climate in the school and the classroom is the key to unlocking student talents and abilities and cultivating them, Jubilee has implemented this policy which poses the greatest challenge to the staff and the gifted student program. The School’s achievement in this field has been great, judging by the level of emotional and creative growth attained by students, and the prevailing loyalty, attachment and love for the School by both students and staff. Furthermore, a great deal of the programs developed by Jubilee have now captured the attention of other schools and educational institutions and researchers in the field of giftedness and innovation – whether inside or outside Jordan – such as teaching the leadership program, higher thinking skills, community service, diagnostics, and counseling…

Jubilee Program for General Education

The School takes responsibility for creating youthful national leaderships through providing the conditions, programs, and necessary means conducive to their training, and stimulating them to higher achievement in their studies, their research, and practical application for their ideas and new hypotheses in the different specialties. This platform – specific to Jubilee – aims at preparing the students for Jubilee’s educational program, providing them with the necessary base to participate effectively in our program and activities, and to cope with the advancements in science and technology. This platform includes: the Summer Orientation program for new students, “Inventions”, Community Service, Counseling and Careers, Research and Project Skills.