School Student Initiatives and Activities - School level

Jubilee Model United Nations – JMUN
Again, an annual event that a small group of students completely organize and implement by themselves – a microcosm of the UN General Assembly meetings.
During the sessions, main political world events are discussed, particularly those relevant to security, peace, democracy, human rights, environment, poverty, hunger, globalization, and economy. Each participating student represents one specific country where he or she takes a stand on assigned issues, having done a great deal of research on the subject. Voting is carried out at the end of each session regarding the topics discussed. Toward the end of the conference, a final vote is taken and the subsequent resolutions are included in the final statement that also contains the proposed recommendations.

Cultural Day
This covers a number of cultural activities that occur over a full school day during the second semester, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and a few embassies – both Arab and non-Arab. The activity aims to promote cross-cultural understanding and encouraging dialogue among individuals and societies. The activity also acquaints participants with features of other Arab and non-Arab cultures through their exhibits and products, as well as promoting dialogue among them in cultural, political, and economic domains. Friendships also are formed during this day between our students, students of other schools, and visitors who are invited to the event.

Science Day
It is an activity organized every year in May by Jubilee as part of the celebrations of Independence Day. It is aimed at encouraging student creativity and innovation in the various fields of science and technology. Students are provided with the chance in the production and the formulation of concepts in science and its applications, in accordance with the latest in techniques and procedures. All this is done within an educational environment that affords them the motivation and the mechanisms to hone their abilities, stimulate their imagination, ambitions, reinforcing their respect for and appreciation of scientists and their achievements in serving humanity

 Student/Teacher Swap Day
At the start of every second semester, a day is set where students enact the role of teachers and staff, taking over the school in every aspect. They take the responsibility of actual teaching, administration, maintenance, transportation matters, cleaning, supplies etc., as well as the Resources and Information Center, Sports Complex, and the headship of all departments, both academic and administrative. This exercise teaches them responsibility, and leadership.

Celebrating National, Religious & International Occasions
Jubilee shares with the Jordanian community, as well as the Arab and international, celebrating important religious, political, social and humanistic occasions. These usually take the form of lectures, films video showings, exhibits and posters relevant to the occasion.

Visiting Student and Educational Delegations
Jubilee continually opens its doors to school guests and visitors – whether local, Arab or foreign. These may include parents, educationists, supporters, and others, usually trying to be better informed about the school and its philosophy, objectives, educational programs and services offered, as well as Jubilee’s unique experience in the domain of teaching the gifted and promoting their potential talent and creativity.

Careers Day
Careers Day is an annual event organized by the Careers and Universities Counseling department, during the first semester of every year. The Day aims at informing students of the different specialties and professions available for their future, to help them decide on their future choices and the realities of the job market. The activity includes talks by specialists in different fields and professions, as well as representatives of companies and institutions to explain the nature of their work and to respond to student and parent inquiries.