School Programs

Jubilee offers its students a program that involves multi-educational activities designed to complement and support the academic program in the scientific, cultural, social, artistic, and athletic fields. This is done with the view that these are the basic elements that will create students with an integrated personality capable of dealing with change and the challenges ahead. Through positive and constructive interaction with others as they work together or individually on projects and activities, students will be provided with guided opportunities of self-discovery as to where their potential, capabilities and interests lie, as well as helping them acquire skills and new experiences, both locally and internationally.

Cultural ExchangeContributing to the preparation of future leaders committed to serving their country and capable of facing world challenges, Jubilee offers its students and teachers opportunities to participate in Cultural Exchange programs with Arab and non-Arab states, and with schools similar to ours.

Community ServiceThe Community Service program at Jubilee provides a valuable and unique opportunity for both our students and our local community – an opportunity which may not be matched in other schools with its orderly and systematic fashion. This program is compulsory for all students to be allowed to graduate. Each student is required to fulfill at least 120 hours of community service over three years of schooling, to the tune of 40 hours per year. Students are distributed to serve and assist within their residential areas at public institutions such as hospitals, orphanages, homes for children with special needs and homes for the elderly and infirm .

Research and Studies
Students are asked to perform scientific studies and research related to their subjects of study, as well as field surveys, community research and various other projects. In its belief that the progress of a nation depends on extensive scientific and humanistic research, each student is required to submit in grade 11 an individual or group ‘graduation’ project designed and researched in keeping with scientific research and methodology. The student’s graduation is contingent upon the successful completion of such a project.

Leadership EducationThe School organizes a program of Leadership Education which offers an integrated curriculum specific to building leadership and communication skills in students, organized through school subjects studied, training, and practical applications. This program also avails the students of talks and discussions with outstanding individuals in various fields such as politics, education, finance, psychosocial and other areas. Subjects discussed consistently relate to current and future issues and affairs, and acquaint the students with the speakers ’ varying styles of leadership.

Competitions and Activities – Local & GlobalThe Jubilee offers opportunities for students to participate in scientific, literary and cultural, artistic and sports competitions inside and outside the Kingdom, in addition to student forums, conferences, workshops, seminars, and summer camps.

Careers and University Counseling
.Along with the educational counseling program at Jubilee - which aims at adjusting students to the academic, emotional, and social changes facing them in a new school - the School offers its students an inclusive counseling program for university and careers guidance. This program consists of several services that aim to assist the student in perceiving his or her leanings, abilities and capabilities, as well as getting introduced to the world of careers, colleges and universities, specialties, educational and vocational institutions, and the demands of the market.

Individual counseling is ongoing, and a Careers Day is organized annually in accordance with students’ inclinations. During this day a large number of professionals are hosted at the School to speak to the students and answer their questions. Field visits are also organized to local foundations and companies in various fields of work.

University counseling is implemented through meetings with representatives and delegates of local, Arab and foreign universities, so that students may learn about specialties offered, and the requirements for admission to each university. Students wishing to study abroad are also assisted in their preparations to sit for aptitude and external tests such as SAT and TOEFL and other.