Teaching Staff
The teaching staff consists of about 60 teachers, whether full or part-time, and the teacher/student ratio is 1:6. The school always seeks to recruit the best teachers available, whether in educational proficiency or in outstanding teaching experience. Notwithstanding, professional training is regularly provided for its staff. Jubilee places great importance on the necessity of exceptional teaching experience for its new recruits, with a strong belief that this is a crucial element to the success of its program of teaching the gifted. The teacher provides the environment that that may either benefit learners and give them self-confidence, or else may break them. He or she can reinforce student creativity or kill it, can generate and encourage or discourage thinking, can create or ruin opportunities for achievement. Hence, Jubilee believes that there are two basic prerequisites needed in the teacher targeted to work with gifted and outstanding students: • He or she must be solidly based in their area of knowledge and specialization, always keeping pace with developments in their field. • Be completely aware of the nature, characteristics, and needs of gifted and outstanding students. It is of great importance for the teacher to be well acquainted with the issues associated with these students, as well as with the proper educational and psychological methods and approaches to dealing with them - these skills being as important as the teacher’s mastery of the specialty.

Teacher Qualification and Training

The School regularly schedules special training sessions and workshops for its teachers to prepare and qualify them for the task of both dealing with the special needs of its gifted students and of improving the learning/teaching process as well. The training programs address key issues relevant to the care and education of the gifted, such as:


Jubilee also participates in the annual convention of the National Association of Gifted Children NAGC – which takes place in the USA. Also in the conferences of the Arab Council for the Gifted and Outstanding, the annual Cultural Education Forum for private schools – both within Jordan – and many other local, Arab, and international conferences. The School, further, organizes visits for its teachers to similar schools in the USA and around the world to introduce them to other programs offered to the gifted, and to discuss various ways of cooperation with these institutions.