About Jubilee

The Jubilee School Project was announced in 1977 during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of His late Majesty King Hussein’s undertaking of his constitutional powers in the Kingdom. After years of planning and preparation.

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Admission into Jubilee

The Jubilee School has developed - with the cooperation of the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education - an objective, multi criteria system for the selection and admission of competent and capable students into its special program.

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Teaching Staff

The teaching staff consists of about 60 teachers, whether full or part-time, and the teacher/student ratio is 1:6. The school always seeks to recruit the best teachers available, whether in educational proficiency.

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School Student Initiatives and Activities

The Jubilee strives to encourage its students to: Perform field research studies; design public opinion surveys; utilize computerized applications and digital research via the internet; undertake debates and dialogues and external visit exchanges, and celebrate various pertinent occasions. Furthermore, students participate in cultural exchanges, conventions, communication, computer applications and multimedia, as well as summer camps, voluntary work and school clubs, as well as in leading and executing a great deal of initiatives, school and student activities.